Monday, January 25, 2010

Laissez les bon temps rouler ...

That was a supremely satisfying ending to the Vikings-Saints game last night.

Not only did I have the American's love of seeing the underdog do well but I also had the pleasure of seeing Brett Favre relive history as he made a fatal mistake at the end of last night's game. (Not that I hold a grudge or anything ...)

Not that I have anything against the Colts but I am just so pleased that the Saints finally get their trip to the Super Bowl after being such a losing team for so long.

Woohoo! Go Saints!


  1. I'm wearing my Vikings garb when I come through San Antonio. That was a very frustrating give-away.

  2. I don't understand all the excitement over soccer, or whatever it is. Yawn.

  3. (sniff) I guess I just get to watch the snow swirl outside of ny window, listen to the wind howl....

    Brett may deserve it, but hey, God's frozen people didn't!

  4. You're right ... but just think of those happy people in New Orleans who have never had a team in the Super Bowl. Their muffalettas now taste twice as nice.