Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pittsburgh Pilgrimage ... not ths year

Trinity Churchyard taken by Father Pitt
(go to the link for more photos)

Sadly, the Trinity Churchyard is a sight that I will have to wait to see. I am sorry to say that we failed to meet the necessary quorum for the Pittsburgh Pilgrimage. I am not sure if we just hit the economy at a bad time or if it was a combination of many factors. I am hoping that possibly the economy will be better next year and that we may revive the pilgrimage.

What I am sure of is that there are no words to convey how much I am touched by Mike Aquilina's and Chris Bailey's whole-hearted support and generosity in working on this pilgrimage idea. Certainly I never would have had the enjoyment of our frequent emails on this and other subjects, not to mention the pleasure of discovering Chris's other enjoyable blogs: Dr. Boli's Celebrated Magazine, Official Harding-Agnew Campaign Site, and Father Pitt.

As I will not have the pleasure of providing this book to a few in Pittsburgh by hand as I had planned to do, please allow me to recommend to you, Praying the Psalms with the Early Christians by Mike and Chris. That is something that we can all enjoy and that is quite affordable!

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