Monday, May 4, 2009

Announcements, Notices, Inbox ... You Get the Idea

Free Books for Bloggers
As a member of our Reviewer Program, you'll have a chance to pick a free review product from a list of items currently available. We usually have 10 to 15 items to choose from, and they are always recent releases or relevant to current events. All we ask from you is to post an honest review of the product sent to you!

Your review could be as simple or as complex as you'd like. We expect you to be more interested in some products you receive, so it's natural for some reviews to be better than others. Sometimes, you may get a product you don't care for at all. That's alright, we still want your honest review!
Yep, The Catholic Company is back looking for more bloggers to review books. As a member of the gang I can testify that they have top notch authors and titles.

Big C Catholics
Big C Catholics is for Catholics who are faithful to the Magisterium and seek the fullness of truth. This is a place to reflect on and renew our faith, deepen our commitment to love and receive guidance on our spiritual journey. We seek to promote understanding of authentic Catholic teachings among Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

We are currently accepting homilies, short to medium length articles, reflections, commentaries, and reviews of publications of interest to orthodox Catholics. All submissions will be considered, however, we focus on theology, the complementarity of faith and reason, and other issues relevant to the life of the Church.
Sounds like lots of good reading and writing opportunities will be available. Check it out.

With a history spanning almost two thousand years, the Roman Catholic Church is one of the world's oldest institutions. But what about the Church today? Recent years have seen the rise of secularism and the demise of religion -- is it still relevant? This blog will look at Catholicism today; where it came from, where it is now and where it's going.
A thoughtful looking blog joins the blogosphere.

All Prisoner, All the Time
Yes, #6 catches the swine flu. He catches it, has a few quiet conversations with it, and persuades it to attack #2.
Aha! So at last I have tracked down the commenter cracking me up with trivia from The Prisoner. Ok. I exaggerate. He gave me the link. And it is not all Prisoner, all the time ... but for quite a lot of it. Check out new blog Reactionary Drivel.

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