Thursday, April 10, 2008

Resume Makeovers for Job Hunters Over 50

Like other job hunters over 50, Ms. Diaforli figured she was running into the misconceptions that older workers are unproductive, set in their ways and likely to quit after a few years.

Then a friend suggested a makeover – or, more precisely, a résumé makeover.

Ms. Diaforli turned to the Senior Source's employment program, which helps workers 50 and older with job searches.

A counselor at the Dallas nonprofit agency helped make her résumé pop, throwing out wordy explanations of Ms. Diaforli's jobs and replacing them with snappy summaries of her accomplishments.

"The makeover worked wonders," she said. "I got an interview and then my receptionist's job."
This article seemed like a good idea and very useful with some resources listed at the end ... so I am passing it along. It may require free registration.

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