Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Oh me! She swallowed a bee!

Except in this case it wasn't an old frog, it was our boxer, Daffy.

Rose glanced up in time to see her curiously trying to eat a bee. Daffy didn't eat the bee but she must have stepped on it because shortly thereafter she was limping pitifully, holding one paw off the ground, and then lying down to lick frantically at it. We couldn't see the stinger but later I found the bee on the kitchen windowsill in its death throes.

Daffy was fine within the hour and it gave us a bit of excitement.

Now, that I think of it, there has been a bee theme to my last few days. My mom has a birdbath near her patio door. Every day when the sun has warmed things up a bit we could watch dozens of bees coming to have a drink and then leaving for the hive again. It was almost hypnotizing ...

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