Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"And Jesus says to me with great joy ..."

I was sitting in my car yesterday morning praying. Living that joyous sorrow I've been given. "I'm sorry for it, for the hatred and contempt, the cross, the whip, the nails..." And Jesus says to me with great joy, "I'm not! I'm not sorry at all! I did it for you; you're worth it. For I have made you so."

I do not look around, and the world is made new; the world is the same as it ever was. But I, am a new creation, and I look around with new eyes. This is what my God has given me, this is what His church has given me, this is what you have given me. Thank you.
This new convert has been given the grace to truly understand confession and absolution. His conveyance to us of Jesus' joy is very similar to the feeling I had during Holy Thursday. Go read it all at Catholic and Enjoying It.

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