Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Why I Read the The Class Factotum

She's so darned funny.
Go forth and sin no more

The difference between SH’s sins and mine (in our respective worlds):

Mine get me sent to hell.

His ensure he is held in disdain by the cultural elite and will never be invited to another party in San Francisco again.

What are these sins?

I violate some – not all – of the Ten Commandments that God gave to Moses with regularity.

He violates of the ten commandments handed down from the extreme Left:
  1. Thou shalt worship Fidel Castro
  2. Thou shalt not eat flesh, especially veal or foie gras
  3. Thou shalt not wear leather, unless it is in the form of Birkenstocks
  4. Thou shalt take public transportation, or, if that is not available, drive a Prius
  5. Thou shalt believe wholeheartedly the hysteria about global warming
  6. Thou shalt believe that every other culture is superior to the US and that the US is the cause of all evil in the world
  7. Thou shalt recycle
  8. Thou shalt not smoke, unless it be marijuana
  9. Thou shalt replace all incandescent lightbulbs with the spirally expensive kind
  10. Thou shall eat only organic
Go thou and read likewise.

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