Saturday, March 3, 2007

"It's bad enough those folks outside are praying for me!"

Attending the controversial Pope and the Witch at the University of Minnesota, Cathy of Recovering Dissident Catholic found a protest vigil being held in the way that only Catholics can do.
Drifting on the wind on this snowy evening, I thought I heard "O Sanctissima". Huh? I rounded the corner and there's a whole big crowd of 70-80 people in front of Rarig. Mostly men. 2 of them in surplices and holding a banner: "Men of Christ", with the insignia of St. John Vianney, the college seminary at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul.
Ray of Stella Borealis was also there and has this further description.
The cloudy sky obscured any possible view of airborne transportation, but 60 Men in Black were seen in formation, led by four men wearing three-quarter length white over-garments (not down-filled by the way, in the 20 degree temperature), with some lacy garnishes and embroidered edges and a large white tab at the neck on their black collarless undergarments. (And these leaders were not wearing gloves when they held out their identifying signs.) Definitely not what the cool UofMN students is normally seen wearing.

These 60 aliens (alien, at least to students of the University of Minnesota leaning out of their dorm, office and library carrel windows and accosting visitors as to what was going on) seemed to be alternately singing and reciting verses with musical chants and poems that seemed to be in some dead language.
I especially liked Cathy's description of one woman's reaction.
n the restroom before the show (you hear the best stuff in the loo!), I overheard a older lady in a dyed red fur jacket (Terry, you would have hated it! It was ugly.) saying: "It's bad enough those folks outside are praying for me!"

Oh, and so many more, that you can't even imagine, my dear woman.

Word is that St. Blog's Parish members will be gathering again this evening in support of St. John Vianney seminarians' continuing prayer vigil protest. Please accompany them with your prayers.

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