Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Avast There, D'Ye Know What Day It Is?

How quickly the holidays roll around ... 'tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day. (Which was significantly funnier before Tom and Rose watched Wife Swap last night, one family of which was the Talk Like a Pirate Family who ... ready for this? ... actually live like pirates year 'round. Evidently with fleas and all. *shudder*)

Maybe you need help with pirate talk (Warning: there are some potions that are mildly off color and guaranteed to offend some, but we're talking about pirates here. Much thanks to DL for this which he found in yesterday's issue of the daily--Good Morning Silicon Valley.)

Or maybe you just need to listen to a good pirate story to get in the mood (nothing objectionable here, just hilarious). 'Tis a fearful tale indeed, of the sea, serving wenches, and fragmented hard drives. Only the brave should rally round.

There be chicken pirates as well, if ye take the time to look.

And then take the time to pity this poor lad who fell afoul of a scurvey bunch of rogues in a raiding party.

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