Friday, June 16, 2006

Start Spreading the Word ...

The buzz is all over St. Blog's but for those who actually come here for their Catholic news (which would be my husband) ...

The new translation of the Mass has been approved with an overwhelming vote of 173-29! Woohoo!

Want to know what that means? Here are some links.
  • The language lover's speech that swayed the naysayers among the bishops.
  • Dom Bettinelli's commentary on the changes as well as his excellent cautionary example of what happens when self-appointed experts jump to conclusions.
  • An interview with Bishop Trautman, chairman of the conference's Committee on Liturgy.
    It will take time for the Vatican to evaluate and, presumably, approve the text. Because translations of other prayers are still under way, it will be at least two years before parishioners experience these changes, he said.
    Via Whispers in the Loggia.
  • American Papist (my linky-soul mate) has plenty of other links to reactions and commentary.
  • On the lighter side, Ironic Catholic shows the results of following the new liturgy literally. Too, too funny!

The vote was 184-8 for the adaptations for use in the United States. I'll be curious to see that list when it is released.

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