Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thank You God ... For My Big Mouth

... knowing that Christ has given me gifts now to be used for Christ. So he gives me gifts, I use them for Him or I use them for myself. I used to use them for myself and I realized that I get much more joy trying to use the gifts for Christ because He gives us all different gifts. Some people have the gift of prayer, healing ... I was given a big mouth. So I could either use it for myself or for Christ. I find it's better to use it for Christ. And I think that's why He gave me a big mouth.
This quote is from a very engaging Irish fellow, John Gunn, interviewed on EWTN: The Journey Home podcast (you can find it on iTunes). He is honest and forthright ... and I love his big mouth! It makes me feel better thinking that my propensity to speak up is a gift. Hopefully I will use it always, as Gunn says, for Christ.

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  1. Judith Gallegos12/18/12, 9:22 AM

    I saw him on EWTN's Journey Home last nite and consider him to be very educating and interesting. What a wonderful man.