Saturday, September 24, 2005

Update: Sharon's Baby

Y'all may remember this couple's choice of life for their unborn baby, despite the fact that she may only live an hour or two. I found out today that the situation has changed. The baby actually has a different genetic problem than the one originally diagnosed. She will live but will be severely retarded, maybe being able to progress only as much as being able to feed herself.

That doesn't change a thing for this couple's decision. They are firmly on the side of life. In fact, when I asked how Sharon was feeling right now, Joanette told me that one of Sharon's gifts is to have a hugely positive outlook no matter what the circumstances. And that is just what she and her husband need right now.

So let's continue to storm heaven for God to give this couple the graces they will need with their baby. And, I'm not at all shy about asking also for the miracle of perfect physical and mental health for this baby either. Let's go for the whole enchilada!

Further reading on the subject:
Power of the Powerless by Christopher De Vinck is the book that made me really, truly understand the sanctity of life even when it is under circumstances that common sense might dictate as providing no "qualify of life."

Also, ukok has a very powerful post prompted by the situation with Sharon's baby.

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