Tuesday, September 6, 2005

This is His Church...

From a certain point on you waged a campaign against the theologians and also reacted with increasing severity to internal theological criticism. One of your main sayings is: "This is His Church and not a laboratory for theologians."

I wouldn't want to battle theologians, because then I would, after all, be fighting against myself. Theology is a very important and noble craft, and the theologian's activity is very important. Criticism and being critical is also part of that. What I did campaign against is a theology that loses its criteria and thus no longer performs its service rightly. Just what we were saying: We are servants and don't ourselves determine what the Church is. This is the decisive point for me. However, this expression, "it is his Church and not ours," is really a fork in the road for me; to acknowledge that we do not excognitate what the Church is but that we believe that He wants her and that we should try to recognize what He wants with her and place ourselves in this service.
Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI)
in an interview with Pete Seewalt,

The Salt of the Earth

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