Monday, July 18, 2005

This is What Happens When You Don't Blog All Weekend ...

... and keep finding interesting stuff because everyone else did blog all weekend. You wind up with a zillion blog entries. And still you haven't blogged about the family's day trip to the Fort Worth Zoo.

It is justly among one of the top in the country with most of the zoo having lovely landscaping and habitats that are clearly designed for the animals' comfort. (The exception to that is the newest part of the zoo which feels more like a badly designed amusement park with few exhibits that make you feel as if the animals are comfortable. Unbelievably badly done considering the majority of the zoo.)

The weather was fairly comfortable thanks to the daily rainstorms we've been having and the animals were much more lively than we had expected. We wound up spending six hours walking around and having a blast.

Our favorite moment was when watching an orangutan family that had a playful and curious youngster. At one point a frog jumped out of the stream nearby and he scurried over to sniff it, very hesitantly poke it with a finger and then jump back when it jumped away. He followed it all over trying to figure it out until an older sibling came up to see what he was doing, picked up the frog until he lost interest, and then put it down again and left. It was almost like watching them with the family pet. Rose got a photo of the youngster getting ready to touch the frog. I circled the frog but it is well camouflaged that I don't know if you can see it.

frog orangutang

Our other favorite moment was when the youngest of the elephants decided to go full body in the water and really play. I don't think I've ever seen an elephant do that and although this photo doesn't capture any of the actual hijinks, Rose did manage to get this little elephant's face expressing the delight of the moment.

baby elephant

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