Monday, May 30, 2005

Good Job, Genius!



Everyone has gone into great detail with various reviews and I am just going to give my general impressions here. Probably the best commentary for discussing how George Lucas deals with details that must be settled to flow into Star Wars IV (the real first movie) is found at Quoth the Maven. Loaded with spoilers, so watch out if you haven't seen it.
  • So when Obi Wan kept complaining "he was supposed to bring BALANCE!" ... it never occurred to anyone that two Jedi would be the balance to two Sith? Ok, so they're not rocket scientists.

  • Moral relativism charges about this movie ... having seen the movie, I now can reply, "Bunk!" Didn't anyone hear Chancellor Palpatine talking to Anakin about "Good is all in your point of view?" That's how he started messing with Anakin's mind in the first place, through moral relativism. When Obi Wan said that "absolutism was the way of the Sith" in my personal opinion he was talking about the way that Anakin was judging people to be either all good or all evil ... as tools to be used.

  • Watching the "mosquito" ships on the Wookie planet, and seeing General Grievous turn into a giant cockroach without his cloak, and seeing that lava planet ... just kept reminding me of Texas in August. And I don't like to look into the future like that.

  • The best character in this movie was a toss-up for me ... either R2D2 or Yoda.

  • The best real-life actor was (to my great surprise) Hayden Christensen. If he doesn't decide to become an architect instead of going on acting as I read on someone's blog (can't remember where), then he should specialize in villainous characters (with or without glowing yellow eyes) Second best actor was Ian McDiarmid (Councellor Palpatine).

  • There was still absolutely no chemistry between Anakin and Padme, although because Anakin kept obsessively talking about his mother, I did believe that his one true goal was to save Padme from death. Ironic that as the Emperor told him in the end, Anakin actually did kill her ... though the Emperor was just saying whatever worked to raise the hatred and self-loathing levels.

  • I want to ride a giant lizard like Obi Wan did.

  • Order 66 ... what a good idea that was (if you were evil, anyway).

  • There is nothing so fun as watching Yoda go ballistic on someone. When it is on the evil Emperor then it is twice as fun.

  • Where did "Good job, genius!" come from? That was Rose's reaction when Anakin pushed Samuel L. Jackson out the window and then said, "What have I done?"

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